I just want some happiness…

Do blogger’s have intro’s to their stuff ?… like the youtubers ? 😂😂, I’m curious because I have never seen one. Anyway, it’s not been that long ,I’m glad.

It’s less than 35 days to 2019!!!I have never been happy in life, just having this feeling excites me a lot. Personally my 2018 has left me in bruises, somehow. Suffered and went through a lot . At the end,it’s the unending life lessons that propel us. We learn from mistakes that we continue making.

Major thing I’m taking out of this year is being HAPPY. I just want some happiness forever. I want to be nice around everyone in my life. I want to live normal life. I want to be free from stress and blue devils . I want to listen to soul soothing music. I want to meet people that have the same music taste as mine. I want to work on my damn self ,eat good and dress more better .I want creative people around me for sure!! Do you feel me?

That is the energy I need 2019 onwards. It’s sad we make resolutions and fail to meet them. That is not happening anymore. Realisation and working on your needs is the best thing you can ever do to your life.

Staying away from negative energy💔

Can’t deny that there are times I have developed a bad attitude towards my friends and even family. It’s a feeling I cant assume. For a moment I just feel like I don’t need anyone 💔 but myself and the next minute I’m like I need to talk to my people every time ❤.

Once I develop this attitude, I go MIA , I never talk to most people ,snob some, and quit social media platforms for sometime like I’m on a digital detox listen or watch something that relates with my mood.if

It’s not easy ,because a lot of things happen, both positive and negative. I won’t talk of the negative side but on the positive, I’m able to regain that lost energy, phases I go through are eye opening with lots of life lessons.

I’ve always promised myself to stay positive no matter the situation. I hate feeding into negativity!. Some days to my birthday I have been having personal conversation and came with a bucket list, and trust me I’ve started working on it already.

I drafted a short note seconds into my birthday of this new “self” to show that I’m changing and leaving my worst behaviors. I’m resolving issues I have with my family first to friends.

I felt like its time for me to start living the life that I always wanted to live. I want to be free to everyone. I’m cutting of hate and that bad ass attitude I’ve always had. I want friends to approach me for help. because I know I’ll turn to them once I need help. I want to live knowing how my people are doing great. I want to solve and settle issues that ever come up with love and not creating enmity. I want my people to always let me know when I’m hurting them ,not consuming that negative toxic energy because it will kill you and I won’t know. I want my people to inform and correct me when I’m wrong ,because I will when they take wrong routes. ❤😌

Find ways to kill that demon breaking relationships with your people.

I’m good with everyone now. If you feel like we need to talk , hit me up. We’re going to be good. Can’t believe I’m going live my best, so should you.❤

What genre of music do you love ?

This planet would be the worst place definitely without good music, good beats, and good poets who put out their work for us to listen.

Personally, music has really helped me grow differently, especially whenever I’m feeling low. If not sparking a ‘blunt’,I gotta sit down ,open my SoundCloud (preferable site for the best and free music streaming)..crack songs to calm my situation.

Music generally speaks your mind out in some type of way .It kind of spits emotions you’ve been holding to yourself and relieves your mind.

To my readers ,what drives you to listening music? What genre of music do you love listening? Feel free to comment on this post. I’m going create playlists and send links for you to listen to your favourite songs.

Unmasking Real Pests.

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I have recently realised that respecting peoples decisions also means that you respect yourself a lot…

It doesn’t matter how you came to the kind of resolution…or choice you made as I can put it .Whether you made it by your own or through presumption of someone else’s ideas, and at this point you have to be extra careful.

You can lose a lot because of minds that corrupt yours. Just because they want you to be on the same side as them. FACT is they are afraid of losing themselves. They are afraid of being left alone in their own.

Running 2018

Important Notice 🔌

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Wishing all people who ever read my blogs a great 2018.

Appreciation to y’all for showing a lot of support over the past years on what I’ve been writing. It’s been pretty long since I published new blogs,but with this, since 2017, I’ve had a good plans and resolutions on how I’m going to work.

So 2018,This blog will go through some adjustments. I’ll be publishing more articles related with what people entirely love in this generation:(,Fashion,Art,Music,Culture -just to mention a few) among a couple of other amazing things. I hope with this it’s going to be better and bigger.

I have something that is like a “Push Start” coming in a few days just to express what I really mean and for a better understanding to all my readers. I want to build something that will make you happy & inspire each and everyone of you differently ,so stay plugged in this 🔌 ✌.Thanks.

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